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The project GoOD arises as a beacon of optimism against the current period of uncertainty facing the arts. goOD offers students and other young talents a chance to have direct contact with the real artistic experience, thus improving their possibilities to enter the job market. These dancers will benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals who will spend time with them and help them to grow. In this way, OtraDanza attempts to tackle the ongoing problem of many young dancers who struggle to become part of a professional company because of their lack of previous experience.


The goOD project boosts the artistic environment of the province of Alicante through contemporary dance. OtraDanza’s young platform aims to create from Elche a pool of potential movement artists. The program includes a range of improvement lessons for different dance techniques, choreographic workshops, on-stage projects, and open collaborations with artistic spaces and events of the immediate surroundings (museums, art galleries…), musicians, plastic artists, photographers, etc. A total of four European students will receive a seven-month scholarship. Throughout this period, an intense artistic work will be carried out with OtraDanza’s professional cast of dancers as well as with guest teachers who will share their artistic and pedagogical experience with the potential professional dancers.


goOD targets students and other young performers with a basic knowledge or a formal education in dance, theater, and/or any of the performing arts whose objective is to get initiated in such disciplines at a professional level. Furthermore, the objective under goOD is to widen its scope to collaborate with everyone who is interested in the body as the starting point to create. These may include, among others, photographers, video artists, fine arts students or graphic designers.


 For years, under Asun Noales’ guidance, OtraDanza has put forward the challenge of disseminating dance among those students and professionals who consider that movement is an imperious need within the performing arts scenario. Introducing the body work to the youth and facilitating their contact with different disciplines and dance techniques has always been a long-term objective for the companyg

The seven months of work that comprise the GoOD project will be devoted to improve the students’ competences, and different body techniques and drama strategies will be explained for this purpose. All classes will be lead by top professionals for each of the disciplines.

The program will follow a creative approach, providing the dancers with the needed tools to foster improvisation and to develop each apprentice’s personality through their artistic strengths. This objective will be pursued in two ways: by showing the students OtraDanza’s dance repertoire and also by creating their own new choreographic pieces.

goOD is a great occasion to bring together dance students, teachers, and professionals. The dancers will be exposed to an alternative training than the one they are used to. They will get to explore new dance languages, and most important, they will be given the opportunity to meet renowned professionals of the dance industry. From OtraDanza, we strongly believe in this bond and are confident that it will significantly benefit pupils on their way to professional development.


This project looks forward to meet the interest and collaboration of the different cultural agents, institutions, and companies of Elche and its surroundings. Making a connection between this art and the everyday life of the city is one of goOD’s key goals to achieve. Further objectives of the project are:

  • To provide an active response to the growing social and educational demand asking for a bigger artistic intervention in cultural centers.
  • To help to the initiation of a continued professional practice from Elche, serving thus as a springboard for employment opportunities.
  • To offer creative alternatives through dance to teachers, professionals and students who can later apply them for other purposes.
  • To bring the dance codes closer to the students and widen the social base of the audience who will later enjoy dance in its varied forms.
  • To involve other organizations to actively participate not only in the training of the artists, but also in the dissemination of the programs, and in the attraction of new audience.


The scholarship recipients will be selected by the company OTRADANZA according to their abilities and skills for dance, through the Summer Course "DANSA PER A TOTS" that takes place during the month of July.